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Paracheirodon simulans

Paracheirodon simulans
Green Neon Tetra
The green neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulans) is a freshwater fish of the characin family (family Characidae) of order Characiformes. It is native to the upper Orinoco and Negro Rivers in South America.
This fish is similar in appearance to the closely related and better-known neon tetra, but it is slightly smaller and its red patch is less pronounced, while the blue-green areas of the upper body are more brilliant. Also, its body is slimmer than that of the neon tetra. It grows to a maximum overall length of approximately 3 cm .
Like the other Paracheirodon species, the green neon tetra is kept as an aquarium fish, but it is less commonly seen than either the true neon tetra or the cardinal tetra.
P. simulans is also sometimes called the blue or false neon. Hyphessobrycon simulans and Cheirodon simulans are obsolete synonyms.
This fish loses its brilliant blue and red color when lights are switched off in the dark, however regains it back when lights are switched on again.
The wild Green Neon Tetra comes from extremely soft, acidic water at a temperature in the mid to high twenties in degrees C (the seventies in degrees F). These are the ideal conditions for this fish. It will adjust to neutral water with some hardness and a temperature of 24 degrees C (75 degrees F) and is fine in a community tank with small peaceful fish.
Avoid having a filter with excessively strong water intake because this little fish is prone to get sucked in by strong currents, perhaps even more so than the Neon Tetra.