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Nematobrycon palmeri

Nematobrycon palmeri
Emperor Tetra
The Emperor tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri) is found the streams and rivers of western Colombia including the Rio Atrata and the Rio San Juan. The Emperor tetra is a placid aquarium fish and will be disturbed by more boisterous species. It grows to 6 cm. It prefers a pH of 6.5, a hardness of 50–100 mg/l and a temperature of 22-28 C. It does not school as readily as most tetras, and a single fish, or a pair appears happier than with most tetras. he Emperor Tetra is an omnivore, eating both animal and vegetable food. Any good flake or pelleted fish food is a good basis for its diet. IT will benefit from live food like Daphnia and wrigglers (Mosquito larvae) as well as frozen fish food including frozen bloodworms. The males and females are easily differentiated. There are many differences; perhaps the easiest one to be sure of is the tail. The male has a three pronged tail with the centre black part extending beyond the rest of the tail while in the female the centre black part only reaches as far as the clear part of the tail. The purple hue of these tetras will be more apparent in an aquarium with floating plants on the surface and relatively subdued lighting. If the aquarium is too bright, the yellow coloration will dominate.
Emperor Tetra水族新手、普通家庭水族爱好者以及发烧级水族爱好者等的共同家园。主要讨论淡水观赏鱼、海水观赏鱼、虾、螺、水草和水族器材等。