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Inpaichthys kerri

Inpaichthys kerri
Blue Emperor Tetra
Furnish tank with several plants and driftwood with some leaf litter and tannic acids provided by driftwoods and peat filtration will make an excellent tank environment for these little fish. It prefers well-planted aquaria, but swimming room must be provided. This tetra will do best when kept in a group in soft, slightly acidic water but will still adapt to various water conditions so long as they are properly acclimated to it and the water is not too hard. In non-planted tanks, or with different water parameters, the colours will not be defined and it will appear washed out.
A ready spawner when conditions are to its liking, the sexes are easily identified by the colour of the adipose fin; on males it is blue, but on females it is reddish-orange. The male also has a luminous blue sheen over the body. These characteristics can be seen in the accompanying photo.
This fish is sometimes commonly named the Blue Emperor Tetra, though it is not closely related to the true "Emperor" tetra Nematobrycon palmeri nor N. lacortei. The kerri tetra possesses an adipose fin, which is absent on both Nematobrycon species. suggested, to vary the Buenos Aires tetra's diet. This fish requires more food than most small aquarium fish. recommended as they bring out the fish's colors.