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Hemigrammus pulcher

Hemigrammus pulcher
Pretty Garnet Tetra
Hemigrammus pulcher is a semi-popular aquarium species, also known as the pretty tetra, garnet tetra or black wedge tetra. In they wild, the species is found near Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon, and probably also in Brazil and Colombia. Breeding is difficult, as parents must be prevented from eating their own eggs, and require soft, acidic water. Eggs usually hatch within 20–24 hours. The pretty tetra will accept most high quality flake foods. They do best in multiples of threes.
彩丽灯鱼眼睛的上缘像是画上红色眼影般,可爱动人;尾柄前端下部有一个黑色斑点,斑点上方散发出淡淡的红及黄色,性情温和,一度水族认为适合混养。 分布在那些靠近巴西伊给多城市的亚马逊河流域,如培如 它们的个性温驯,可和其他鱼只混养的软水的水族箱内。食性:肉食性、杂食性鱼种,会接受薄片饲料、冷冻干燥食物及小型活饵的喂养。