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Chalceus macrolepidotus

Chalceus macrolepidotus
Pink Tail Chalceus
Pink Tailed Chalceus, or Chalceus Macrolepidotus, are a species of Characin that hail from South America. Specifically, they can be found in the Amazon, the Guianas, the Rio Negro and Orinoco River basins, and coastal rivers in the northern regions of South America.

In the wild, Chalceus are a schooling fish. Very few aquarists can keep these fish in a school however, as a reasonably sized school would require a very large aquarium. If they are to be kept in a group, they should number six or more. Smaller groups may become aggressive with one another. A large tank is the most important requirement of the Pink tailed, a standard 55 gallon will suffice for a fish up to about six inches in length. A skittish fish that frightens easily the tank must be tightly covered to prevent jumping. Plant the tank along the sides and back but allow plenty of space for swimming. Water parameters are not overly critical as they can live in a wide range of conditions but good filtration and slight water movement are essential . Tankmates should include other large species that will not be hunted. Although in nature a schooling fish, in the home aquarium it should be kept singly, there is just not enough room for a school of six or more and a lower number will cause aggression among themselves. Feeding is not difficult as they will take all types of live food as well as frozen flakes and pellets. Not the perfect community fish the Pink tailed is a fine addition to a species or aggressive tank set up.