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Aphyocharax paraguayensis

Aphyocharax paraguayensis
Dawn Tetra
A lively and quite pretty little fish, but one that cannot be recommended for a community aquarium. 
This fish remains in the upper half of the aquarium, fairly near the surface, and is constantly swimming rapidly; they are quite aggressive, chasing each other continually around the tank. Floating plants are needed to dim the light, and substrate-rooted plants along the back wall will showcase this fish. This species has a lifespan of about 5 years. It is now being seen in North America under the common name of "Panda Tetra," presumably a reference to the caudal spot.
Females are fuller and slightly larger than males. Spawning is reported as difficult. The eggs are scattered among fine-leaf plants, and the parents should be removed after spawning to avoid predation of the eggs.
The Subfamily Aphyocharacinae was originally proposed by Eigenmann in 1909 and included six genera. Since then, it has sometimes been considered within the Cheirodontinae, but today it is deemed to be a monophyletic group that contains only the one genus, Aphyocharax. There are now 10 species recognized as valid within this genus, with the remainder of the original 22 species transferred to other genera