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Aphyocharax anisitsi

Aphyocharax anisitsi
Argentine Blood Fin Tetra
The bloodfin is a comparatively large tetra, growing to 5.5 cm. Its notable feature (as the name suggest) is the blood red colouration at the tail, dorsal, anal and adipose fin.
Bloodfin tetras are extremely hardy, making them popular with novice fish keepers. Bloodfin tetras can be recognized because of their colorful fins. The fins of this fish are red in color while the body is silver in color. Bloodfin tetras are typically kept in schools of five or more.
They swim mainly in the upper and middle water layers and are highly sociable fishes, mixing well with other types of tetra and tropical fish in general, and so are therefore well suited (like many other tetras) to a community tank. However, they will tend to nip at the fins of fish with long, wavy fins, such as angelfishes or guppies.
Bloodfin tetras have also been kept in cold-water tanks, providing the temperature does not drop below room temperature. They thrive quite happily in temperatures ranging from 64–83 degrees Fahrenheit. Bloodfin tetras are long-lived, and often live ten years.
Bloodfin tetras are frequently displayed in the aquarium with subdued lighting and a dark substrate, showing off the fish's colours. Turning aquarium lights on and off tends to cause these fish to dart around frantically, but they settle down shortly after.

鱼体亚纺锤形,偏长,可达5厘米左右,侧扁。背鳍居中,形与扯旗鱼类相似。腹鳍腹位偏后,臀鳍、脂鳍也均偏后。尾鳍叉形。银白色,背部淡青褐色,各鳍血红色 血翅喜澄清水质,含氧丰富,水体宽敞的环境,能适应中性水,但水温长期偏低会影响其血红的鳍色,最佳水温22 - 24℃。受到惊扰后,诸鳍上的红色也会消褪。不择食,但对饵料的质量要求比较高,宜供应活饵料或观赏鱼专用的配合饲料。可以混养,以其为主体群养为好。