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Potamotrygon sp. Pearl

Potamotrygon sp. Pearl
Pearl Stingray
This undescribed species must rank among the most jaw-dropping freshwater fish yet seen in the hobby. A good-sized adult makes a truly incredible sight. 
The patterning of this "species" is highly variable, with no two examples appearing the same. Some have golden markings, while others are almost white. Similarly, the amount of darker pigmentation can also vary in both shade and coverage. Oddly, this ray hasn't been assigned a P number as yet, although it is known as R080 under the newer system.
近4年来,新发表鱼种,对其品系仍有许多争议,最初出现在日本杂志上,曾引起一番的讨论。此鱼的基底色为浅黄色,而斑纹为黑色的圆形斑点,部分斑纹会呈不规则,部分斑点上会呈现8字纹。曾被称为88魟,曾创下魟鱼史上的高价位......谁叫中国人爱 “8” 这个字。