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Potamotrygon henlei

Potamotrygon henlei
Black Stingray
Potamotrygon henlei is one of the more sought after ray species in the hobby due to its striking colours and impressive adult size. A fully grown one of these makes a stunning sight. 
The species exists in various colour forms, with either white or yellow spots and a background colour varying between black and dark brown. The pattern of spotting isn't uniform either, and some specimens possess many spots while others have far fewer. It's often confused with P. leopoldi and P14, but can be distinguished by the presence of spots on the underside of the disc. However some specimens of P. leopoldi have also been shown to exhibit this patterning.
假黑白魟 据AQUALOG的鉴别目录“淡水魟(Freshwater Rays)”上简称代号P12.和黑白魟极为类似.主要产地在巴西.只是河域不同.容易饲养的入门鱼种.最大个体可达60CM.金点魟和黑白魟最大的差异:1.金点魟的体色较偏褐色.2.而点多为金黄色点比黑白多且乱.3.体盘的正负两面外围有碎金点环绕,腹部有明显斑点.4.皮肤表皮有明显疣状秃起物,为粗糙面,黑白则为绒质表皮.