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Tylomelania patriarchalis

Tylomelania patriarchalis
White Spotted Rabbit Snail
The individual species differ a lot regarding their shell shapes and structures. They can be long, conical with strongly pronounced axial or spiralling ridges, but we can also find small, smooth shells of an ovoid shape.
The genus Tylomelania features shell sizes between 10 and 117 mm, whose apices are mostly corroded. All of them have an operculum with a central nucleus and 5 to 11 rings (paucispiral operculum).
The bodies and feet of these water snails are richly colored and high in contrast.
Ranging from single-colored snails in orange, creme, white and black over specimens with black, orange, yellow and grey tiger stripes to black ones with white dots or dark brown ones with orange tentacles just about anything can be found.
The tentacles are straight, the black eyes located at their bases. The mouth part is clearly set off and seems to be very long and soft

There are different climatic zones on Sulawesi due to this island's uncommon form.
The mountain ranges are largely covered by tropical forests. The temperatures in the lowlands and at the coast are between 28 and 32 °C all year round, during the rainy season they are approximately 2 degrees lower.
Tylomelania can be found in the Malili lakes and Lake Poso as well as the respective feeder rivers, on hard or soft substrate, depending on the species.
The largest population density was found at depths between 1 and 2 meters, under 20 meters it decreases significantly. The lakes have a temperature of 27 °C even at a depth of 20 m.
The species portrayed originate from Lake Poso ( 500 m above sea level) and the Malili lakes, or rather and more specifically, Lake Matano (400 m above sea level). These lakes are located in central Sulawesi. Lake Matano is a softwater lake whose maximum pH value is 8.5 according to recent measurements.