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Neocaridina zhangjiajiensis

Neocaridina zhangjiajiensis

Blue Pearl Shrimp
Snow Ball Shrimp

Characteristic shape of the shrimps belonging to the Neocaridina genus, medium length rostrum. To this day, it is difficult to say what is the colouration of the Wild type specimens. The status being itself questioned by specialists on the subject. The selected forms like the White Pearl are widely available. The have a translucent white background colouration and characteristic black eyes. The female gonads produce de ovarian masses that is of a very luminous white colour. This ovarian mass will after fertilisation give very white eggs that look like white pearl, explaining the commercial name of this specie which is White Pearl. The blue type, is a bit less frequent, necessitating a good grasp of breeding and selection to keep the type as blue as possible.