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Neocaridina heteropoda

Neocaridina heteropoda
Cherry Shrimp
Neocaridina heteropoda var. "red" or cherry shrimp is a variety of freshwater shrimp from Taiwan which is commonly kept in aquariums. The natural colouration of the shrimp is green-brown, however the red morph is much more frequently sold
The shrimp spends a great deal of its time sitting on aquatic plants, when available, and hiding in them for protection, especially after moulting. They also eat the film of algae and micro-organisms which forms on plant leaves without harming the leaves in the process. Java moss and Java fern are both excellent plants for the shrimp tank, as they thrive in the same conditions that the cherry shrimp do and provide both the physical benefits of the plants to the shrimp and pleasing visual contrast with the red bodies of the shrimp to the human viewer.
The red cherry shrimp is a non-aggressive shrimp. They are active throughout the day, and can be seen grazing on algae, aquarium décor or the sides of the tank, hunting detritus among the gravel, and sometimes even mating. Periodically a shrimp will shed its exoskeleton, leaving an empty white ghost of itself caught in the plants or drifting around the tank. This should be left in the tank, as the shrimp will eat it to recover the valuable minerals it contains.
Female pregnant cherry shrimps tend to hide in the dark. If they feel endangered by predators, they will abandon their eggs. They need an environment with wood or plants such as Java moss to hide themselves and their babies in. When they are carrying the eggs under their bodies, they can be witnessed circulating water over the eggs with their legs to ensure good health.