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Caridina woltereckae

Caridina woltereckae
Harlequin Shrimp
Caridina Woltereckaeis an inhabitant of the hard substrate of small rocks, especially in shallow waters, but also in areas of deep water (below 3m) between large rocks (boulders). When disturbed, tries to escape from the side or in other directions, but mostly remains attached to the rocks. Caridina Woltereckae is often found in other key sintopia living on the rocks of Lake Towuti as Caridina Profundicola, Caridina Horntail, Caridina and Caridina Glaubrecht Striata. 
The carapace has three transverse dark brown (sometimes reddish), the first two are usually marked on the dorsal surface to define a band in the n-shaped side view. The appendices are either transparent or slightly pigmented. Most of the first and second pereiopodi is usually a white shining , the abdomen shows an obvious white stripe that extends laterally around the side, dorsally densely covered with dark brown bands except for abelt in the rear of the carapace. The ends of uropodi have pigmented white or no color. The eggs are usually dark brown and the females produce 19-29. This color profile remains visible even when the prawns are under stress, but the color diminishes slightly.When Caridina Woltereckae feed, the chelipedi whites are always clearly visible, while the rest of the body (dark color) remains more or less disguised.