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Caridina striata

Caridina striata
Red Stripe Shrimp
The Striata is a denizen of the Caridina hard substrate, on the rocks. It is located in areas of shallow water on or under rocks and in small areas of deep water (below 3 m) in the cracks in the midst of large rocks (boulders). When disturbed the shrimp tries to escape by moving sideways or down instead choose other directions. Caridina Striata is often found in sintopia with other inhabitants of the rocks of Lake Towuti as Caridina and Caridina Profundicola Barbed but particularly with Caridina and Caridina Glaubrecht Woltereckae . 
Red body, with lateral stripes of the characteristicswhite , dorsally with some spotswhite . The uropodi show, sometimes the red spots and white on the distal margin. The appendices are ortransparent or transparent brown. The first and second pereiopodi are usually of a white visible. When the animals are feeding, the whites are chelipedi always be clearly visible, while the rest of the body (dark color) remains more or less camouflaged. The color profile remains visible even when the shrimp is under stress but the color intensity diminishes slightly. The females produce from 17 to 38 eggs.