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Caridina holthuisi

Caridina holthuisi
Matano Black Tiger Shrimp
Caridina Holthuis is a resident of the soft material, mainly located under dead leaves, but also occasionally of macrophytes. The color profile (pattern) is similar to the substrate, where he lives, or dark brown leaves, which usually can be found covering the low background in different areas of the coast. When disturbed, the Caridina Holthuis attempted to break down than in other directions, to hide under the substrate. When apile of dead leaves is sampled with a network immersed specimens (the Caridina in question) usually accumulate in the back of the net. 
The body, the appendages often show a dark brown similar to the lively brown leaves in the substrate. Different markings (drawings / designs) white-beige (usually transverse or longitudinal dorsal band) are possible. The eggs are dark brown. 
Caridina Holthuis, new species is named in honor of LBHolthuis, who also contributed greatly to our knowledge of the species of the shrimp Caridina.