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Caridina cf. cantonensis Tiger

Caridina cf. cantonensis Tiger
Tiger Shrimp
Blue Tiger Shrimp started appearing in the hobby in 2007 and are still highly sought after and relatively hard to find. Their popularity is due to their beautiful blue body color combined with bright orange/golden eyes. The blue color does not breed completely true and colors from blonde to extremely dark blue (almost black) can be expected
Blue Tigers have vertical black stripes (identical to Tiger Shrimp) and as noted above a blue color that ranges from blonde to extremely dark blue (almost black). Baby Blue Tigers look like regular tigers but as the shrimp grow their blue color will develop and grow darker as the shrimp matures. Blue Tigers that start developing their color when they are smaller generally are a darker blue as adults then individuals that start developing their color later.

蓝虎纹虾为虎纹虾(Tiger shrimp)的变异品种,目前非常珍贵,普通非纯基因单只虾价位在100元-300元不等,过水600元,基因纯者价格可以达到千元以上。虾转水前最好先测一下水质各项指标。特别是NO2指标。