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Caridina cf. cantonensis Crystal

Caridina cf. cantonensis Crystal
Crystal Shrimp
Crystal Red Shrimp
Crystal Black Shrimp

The grading of the Crystal Red Shrimp has sometimes created more confusion than concrete answers. Not only are there many different grades but there are also several different color patterns, features, terminologies and other factors which can dictate one grade from the next. Being well educated with the grading of the Crystal Red Shrimp is very important if you decide to acquire, keep and breed this species.

There are numerous factors which can dictate the grade of a Crystal Red Shrimp. One of the most important factors is the intensity of both the white and red coloration on the specimen. If the white coloration is not full and shows signs of transparency then this can downgrade a specimen. When obtaining Crystal Red Shrimp from another breeder it can sometimes be common for a specimen to lose its fully opaque white coloration when newly arrived and also if it is an older specimen. It is recommended to purchase non-adult Crystal Red Shrimp if you do not want to risk potential color loss in adults after shipping. Adult Crystal Red Shrimp can be very picky when being introduced to a new environment.

Color patterns are also a very important factor when grading a Crystal Red Shrimp. Patterns like Hinomaru, Tiger Tooth, No-Entry Hinomaru, Mosura and more can dictate one grade from the next. At the bottom of the page is a guide to the common features/terminologies which are associated with certain grades. It is highly recommended that you are well educated with the grading terminologies of Crystal Red Shrimp if you decide to keep this species.

水晶虾(Red Crystal Shirmp)出现始于日本,1996年日本的铃木久康先生把原产于香港的彩虹钻石虾带回日本,经过6年漫长的培育和15代提纯,稳定了基因。使红色隐性基因得以保持,也就成了今天的水晶虾。
水晶虾的色彩和日本锦鲤一样!因其红白相间的体色而成为观赏价值极高之水族生物,目前 水晶虾只有少数业余玩家可做少量的繁殖,大部分玩家还是从虾商处购买。
  目前水晶虾的基因已非常稳定,所以红色的水晶虾生下的一定是红色,它的寿命约15个月,小虾到成虾约需4-6个月,成熟的母虾一般一次约抱20~30个卵(3cm长的母虾可抱60个卵) ,但并不能100%的孵化。