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Atya gabonensis

Atya gabonensis
African Giant Filter Shrimp
The African Filter Shrimp, also known as Vampire Shrimp or Giant African Filter Shrimp, is a rare commodity in the freshwater invertebrate hobby. It is similar to the Asian Filter Shrimp in that it is a filter feeder with fans which it uses to filter fast moving water. It catches tiny particles in its fans and "licks" them clean at random.
Due to its demonic look sometimes it is called "Vampire Shrimp". On the front legs it has dark "warts", which are easy to see especially at males. Basic color is sky-blue, changing sometimes to grey, beige, yellow or pink tint - it depends from shrimp mood, water conditions and environment hue. Just after moult I is almost white, with skin tint. Just like with other fan shrimps, two first pair of legs is equipped in hairy "umbrellas" which are used to filter food from water