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Pseudomugil gertrudae

Pseudomugil gertrudae
Spotted Blue Eye Rainbow
Gertrude's Rainbow is a very small rainbow fish that is found in northern Australia and New Guinea. It comes from streams in five very localized areas and is not wide spread. It is part of fifteen species that make up the "blue-eye" family. When you see the fish, you will instantly know why it is a "blue-eye." Even as small fry, this fish has bright fluorescent blue eyes. The males are an overall green yellow in color with bright yellow wing like pectoral fins. The dorsal and pelvic fins are very feather like. The female has shorter fins, but is very attractive by having an overall blush of orange, which is deeper at the tail. Both males and female are covered with spots. This species is also known as the Spotted Blue-eye. The adult fish is only a little more than an inch in length and is perfect for a small 2.5-gallon or 5.5-gallon aquarium. It can be kept in a community set up, but the inhabitants must all be very peaceful. It likes to be warm, about 80 degrees at neutral pH.