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Bedotia geayi

Bedotia geayi
Madagascar Rainbow
Bedotia geayi is a native of Madagascar where it inhabits fast-flowing mountain waters. While not as elaborately
colored as many of the rainbows from Australia and New Guinea, it maintains a pleasing contrast of red, black,
and gold. The male has two black stripes running parallel to the lateral line, one running from the mouth through
the eye to the beginning of the caudal fin and the other lower on the body running from the throat to the back of
the anal fin. As well, the caudal fin has a crescent of black circling the outside of the caudal fin leaving the fin
lobes a bright red. The split dorsal fin and anal fin are beautifully edged in black and red but the most vibrant
coloration is seen in the back portion of the dorsal fin and in the anal fin which are an almost iridescent blend of
gold and orange. The female has only the black markings with a small amount of red edging in the tail.