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Tetraodon nigroviridis

Tetraodon nigroviridis
Spotted Puffer
Tetraodon nigroviridis is one of the pufferfish known as the green spotted puffer. It is found across South and Southeast Asia in coastal freshwater and brackish water habitats. Tetraodon nigroviridis reaches a maximum length of about 15 cm (5.9 in). In February 2009 it was successfully bred in captivity at University of Florida using a new variation of the ovarian lavage technique.
Adult Tetraodon nigroviridis are found in freshwater streams, rivers, and flood plains; young are found in brackish water. It is also found in mangrove forests. This is however disputed and the exact habitat of this fish is not yet fully known. Diet consists primarily of snails, but includes small invertebrates such as mollusks, crustaceans, and some plant material. 

Tetraodon nigroviridis is often confused with its similar looking relatives T. fluviatilis , and T. schoutedeni. It can be distinguished from these by its more rounded shape when compared to fluviatilis and lack of spines on its belly (present in schoutedeni).