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Tetraodon biocellatus

Tetraodon biocellatus
Figure 8 Puffer
Figure 8 puffers grow to about 3" long. They are colourful fish, with greenish yellow patterns on their backs. These patterns vary greatly from fish to fish, but the markings either side of the caudal fin resemble the number eight, or eye-spots (earning the species another common name as 'Eye-spot puffer'). Figure 8 puffers are relatively peaceful among tetraodontidae, and have been kept successfully with other fish such as bumblebee gobies and mollies, but as with all pufferfish there is a risk that tankmates will not be tolerated.
Like all members of the Tetraodon family, the figure 8 puffer is capable of inflating itself with water or air when stressed or otherwise frightened.

Pufferfish are classed as molluscivores and feed mainly on benthic organisms which may include mussels, cockles, oysters and krill. Their teeth, a beak formed from two plates, are capable of crushing shells in order to feed on prey. In captivity many fishkeepers feed snails as a substitute for hard-shelled food since this keeps the beak, otherwise susceptible to overgrowth, trim.