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Selenotoca multifasciata

Selenotoca multifasciata
Silver Scat
The Silver Scat Selenotoca multifasciata is one of the prettiest fish in the hobby. It has a brilliant silver body with black spots and vertical bars across the face and flanks. Maximum size in aquaria is rarely more than 15 cm/6" though wild fish supposedly reach up to 40 cm/16". A related species Selenotoca papuensis may be traded occasionally. It is essentially identical in appearance though maximum size is said to be less than 10 cm/4". Distinguishing the two species is very difficult, though one indicator may be the size of black spots on the body: in the case of Selenotoca multifasciata these are smaller than the size of the eye, whereas on Selenotoca papuensis the spots are about the same size as the eyes.