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Scatophagus argus

Scatophagus argus
Spotted Scat
Scatophagus argus belong to the scat family (Scatophagidae) and occur in 2 basic color morphs which are called Green Scat and Ruby Scat or Red Scat. As a whole, the species is called Spotted Scat. This fish is generally distributed around the Indo-Pacific region, to Japan, New Guinea and Southeastern Australia. They are quite popular aquarium fish.
These fish are kept for their looks and curious behavior, especially in body structure resembling the famous discus fish. Unlike the delicate freshwater discus cichlids, the scats are hard fish of brackish and seawater that tolerate freshwater only when young. Otherwise they are fairly easy to keep, and they look very beautiful with black spots on their body.
As a baby they live in a fresh water environment, but as they mature they move to salt water environment. Since they do not live in temperate waters, they require at least a little warmth (21C to 28C).
As a young they may not require a big aquarium but they can grow big, so big aquarium with salty water is much preferred for this fish. This species is fairly peaceful if enough space is given. But sometimes they harass other species.
The Common Scat is omnivorous and an indiscriminate eater. Food includes vegetables, small animals and debris, and they usually readily take frozen and flake food. They also tend to eat aquarium plants. And due to their eating habit they are quite messy fish, requiring a strong filtration. Ironically, for older specimens water quality is actually a bigger issue the saltier the water – in the purest freshwater (as required by many rainforest fish) they will quickly succumb, tolerating hard and somewhat dirty freshwater far better. In seawater, their messy eating habits make buildup of toxic protein decay prioducts a significant issue to be controlled, if they are kept in groups as they prefer given enough space.
Scatophagus argus is eaten by some people from its original environment, and can sting with small spikes in its anterior parts, inflicting a venom that causes pain greater than the wound size, and dizzyness. Treatment of the wound is often done by soaking the infliction in hot water
金鼓鱼,学名Scatophagus argus,英文名Scat,也有人叫金钱鱼。汽水鱼科,成鱼体长约30厘米,原产于印度尼西亚、菲律宾、泰国等地的江河入海口的咸淡水交融水域,我国南方江河的入海口也常见。
金鼓鱼体侧扁,呈圆盘状,背部高耸隆起,口小。鳞片细小。鱼体黄褐色,散布许多黑圆斑,腹部银白。尾鳍截形。 金鼓鱼生活于热带海域,常在河口区的蚵棚、红树林或堤防区的消波块附近活动,属广盐性鱼类,受惊吓会发出「嘓嘓」的叫声。杂食性,以藻类及小型底栖无脊椎动物为主。
① 红金鼓鱼:鱼体黄红色,布以黑色圆斑,背鳍后部、臀鳍后部和尾鳍均为银白色。
② 银金鼓鱼:该鱼较小,体长 10 厘米,体色青银白色,体侧有少量黑色小斑。
金鼓鱼的常见病害:小瓜虫病 烂尾烂鳍病