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Hypseleotris compressa

Hypseleotris compressa
Empire Gudgeon
Often confused with members of the similar Gobiidae family, the Eleotridae lack the fused pelvic fins that characterise the true gobies. Hypseleotris compressa is one of the species most suited to life in captivity. It stays relatively small, is peaceful for its size, can exhibit some truly stunning colouration and is incredibly adaptable. This species is able to survive in both pure freshwater and full marine conditions over a wide range of temperatures.
栖地:在水生植物或水下树的树枝之中的通常发现于流动的溪流。 稚鱼时常很快地出现在流动的水或半咸淡的河口。
吃细小的甲壳动物,蚊虫幼生与藻类。 小的脊椎动物卵有最大 0.32 mm 长度。 孵化仔鱼是大约 1 mm 长。