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Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus

Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus
Thread Jaw Halfbeak
The Forest Halfbeak inhabits clear, forest streams. As with other halfbeaks it is a surface dweller which continuously faces upstream while it searches for food prey such as fallen insects.
It can be distinguished from the similar Pygmy Halfbeak Dermogenys pusillus by the position of the dorsal fin which begins forward of the anal fin. The Forest Halfbeak is also more colourful, and bears a small tell-tale drooping appendage at the front of the lower jaw 
The species ranges from Southern Thailand through Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore to parts of Indonesia. 
Belongs to the pogonognathus group with dorsal fin melanophores of one size instead of two and a distinct gap present between the pigment in the distal part of the fin between fin rays 3-8 and the dorsal fin base that is greater than the distance between two adjacent fin rays 
Found in peats and lowland forest streams. In fresh and brackish water. Females bear live young