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Garra flavatra

Garra flavatra
Panda Garra
Garra flavatra is one of the most recently discovered Garra species growing to only 8 centimeters. This fish is perceived to be a false Siamese Algae Eater and although they do eat some type of hair algae, they do not eat them as industriously as the true Siamese Algae Eaters (Crossocheilus siamensis) do. They inhabit fast-flowing rivers with very powerful currents often clinging themselves among cobbles (smooth rocks).
Its body features are quite unique with robust head and fusiform body giving confusion among other popular algae-eating cyprinids and even other Garra species themselves. The body coloration has alternating black and brow to orange bands.
These fish are bottom dwellers but can be found resting mostly on driftwoods, slates and even broad-leaved plants. They relish algae as much as hillstream loaches do, often eating tiny microorganisms albeit aufwuches. A tank with dark substrate and several hiding places would be the best environment for these fish. It should be efficiently filtered with very powerful currents, plenty of water changes and high oxygen levels. Though they are mostly peaceful, they are territorial against each other. They can be kept with danios, rasboras and barbs.