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Datnioides microlepis

Datnioides microlepis
Indonesian Tiger Fish
Has the deepest body of any species of Coius, 2.1-2.4 times in SL. Specimens from mainland Southeast Asia invariably with five full bars, specimens from Borneo with 6-7 bars, all usually continued across ventral surface of body. First bar extending uninterrupted and undiminished across opercle and onto thoracic region, and continued across ventral surface of body; a well defined black mark on ventral surface of body immediately anterior to base of pelvic fins (not present in other Coius). Partial bars almost invariably absent. Branched dorsal rays 14-18; branched anal rays 9-11, usually 10 

nhabits freshwater rivers, lakes and reservoirs, frequenting areas with a lot of submerged branches, such as flooded forests. Adult fish feed on small shrimps, fish fry and small fishes while young individuals take zooplankton. Also feeds on crabs, worms and insect larvae and plants