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Ctenolucius hujeta

Ctenolucius hujeta
South American Pike Fish
The torpedo-shaped body indicates that the Hujeta Gar is a agile, fast-swimming species that needs plenty of swimming space. And since it mainly inhabits the upper layers of the tank, the length and depth of the tank are therefore of more importance than the height. The minimum tank size for this species is 48x16x16" (120x40x40cm.) for a few specimen, but a larger is recommended for adult fish. 
Tank decoration is of less importance, as this fish prefers to stay in near the water's surface. A few floating plants and/or tall, large-leafed plants may provide shelter and a good place from where to ambush prey, and plants or pieces of drift wood are recommended to provide hiding places. 
The Hujeta Gar is a predatory fish, so a powerful and efficient filtration system is required to deal with the volumes of waste products it produces. Additionally, a good amount of currents, to mimick this species' natural habitat, is important for the fish' well-being, and can be provided either by a powerful filter or additional power heads.