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Crossocheilus oblongus

Crossocheilus oblongus
Siamese Flying Fox
The Siamese algae eater, Crossocheilus oblongus, is a species of freshwater fish in the carp family, Cyprinidae. This bottom-dwelling tropical fish is found in mainland Southeast Asia that includes the Chao Phraya and Mekong basins as well as the Malay Peninsula. Their natural habitats are streams and rivers as well as flooded forests during the rainy season. The Siamese algae eater should not be confused with the Flying fox (Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus) or the False siamensis (Garra cambodgiensis).
The Siamese algae eater has a black horizontal stripe extending from opercle to tail. The genuine Crossocheilus siamensis without maxillary barbels and with deeply fringed V-shaped upper lip is rarely encountered in the aquarium.
Closely related is the Red-algae eater Crossocheilus langei, It has a bright brownish elongate body with a slightly flat belly. It has a prominent brown-black horizontal stripe extending from nose to tail. This fish may grow up to the length of 16 centimeters. It possesses small maxillary barbels and an unfringed shallowly arcuate upper lip. Two other similar species are traded as Siamese algae eaters, namely Crossocheilus atrilimes, a species that likes to eat Java moss rather than red algae, and an undescribed species of Crossocheilus
 concerns the red algae eater Crossocheilus langei. This hardy fish is commonly found in the aquarium trade and is one of the most popular and effective tank algae cleaners. They are active and fast swimmers that will school together if kept in a group, but some individuals may display aggression to their own kind or related fishes. In general, the red-algae eater can be kept in most community tanks and are reportedly much less aggressive than similar fishes such as the Chinese algae eater or the red-tailed black shark.
 Because the red algae eaters are effective at controlling the tank algae, many aquarists like to place them in heavily-planted tanks with strong lightings that promote the growth of algae. Unlike other aquarium algae eater fishes, the red algae eater is valued for its ability to eat red algae (particularly Audouinella). The fish, however, are opportunistic feeders and will eat pellets and most other food, a tendency that strengthens with age.
The fish is a good jumper. The lid of the tank should be properly closed leaving no large hole for the fish to jump out of the tank.
Siamese Algae Eaters will often school together, but are also content living solo. When two are kept together, they will often establish their own territory as they mature. They can be a long-lived fish, ten years experienced.

这种鱼也被为“暹罗飞狐”(Siamese Flying Fox)或“暹罗狐”(Siamese Fox),以前的学名是Epalzeorhynchus siamensis,但详细但稍嫌无聊的分类学细节是Crossocheilus 和 Epalzeorhynchus两科的差别在鼻裂(rhynal lobes,nasal lobes)部分。

说明:这是一种细长,灰棕色且有清楚的黑色条纹的鱼,体长约15 厘米 (6″),约两年可以长到这种大小,可存活十年以上。所有的鳍都透明或稍微乳白色,其上并无任何红色或黄色的光泽。黑色条纹边缘为锯齿状,由鼻端延伸到尾鳍分叉处。如受压力或打斗时,黑色条纹的颜色会明显消退。鱼体下半部为银白色,黑色条纹上并无亮条纹带。但整个上半部呈褐色且每一鳞片都有暗色边缘,使得上半部看起来像个网。在黑色条纹下可能会看得到一些鳞片的黑色边缘。有一对细长前伸的触须,但在游动或休息时可能会压在颊上。在幼鱼身上也容易见到体侧横黑条纹,但要直到身长达3--5cm(1-2″)时,鳞片边缘的形状跟锯齿状的边缘才能清楚见到。在欧洲水族店常见到的为3--5cm(1-2″),成熟的雌鱼通常稍胖一点,并不知是否有其它性别间的差异。C. siamensis(暹罗食藻鱼)有一种特殊的休息姿势,并不直接把腹部接触缸底,而是用它的尾鳍、腹鳍跟胸鳍支撑身体。幼鱼有时会停在宽叶片上休息,成鱼则喜欢在底砂或浓密低矮的水草上休息。如Cryptocorynes。鱼鳔不甚发达,所以除非在游动时,否则无法停留在中层水域。


与其它鱼相处:暹罗食藻鱼因为并不具有侵略性,可放在任何够大的混养缸里头。其较活跃的行为可能会对某些较敏感的鱼,如短鲷造成压力,甚而妨碍短鲷繁殖。另处除非缸子够大或密种水草,否则不应与红尾鲨“Red-tailed Sharks ”(Epalzeorhynchus bicolor)共养,因为这种鱼对跟其较相近的种类,攻击性较强。