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Yunnanilus brevis

Yunnanilus brevis
Inle Loach
Amongst the vast number and variety of species of Loach in Cobitidae and Balitoridae, Yunnanilus brevis stands out as one of the odd-balls of the genre. With habits more akin to Barb species, being largely free-swimming and shoaling in nature.
It also hails from a different kind of environment than most loaches. Lake Inle is a relatively shallow (4 to 7 metres depending on the season) lake with a relatively high pH and hardness due to being fed by streams running over calciferous rocks. There is dense bottom plant growth and often floating plant life. Therefore, this should be a consideration in the setup of a suitable aquarium for the species.
Y. brevis should be kept as a shoal. 5 or 6 fish is the absolute minimum that should be considered for the fish's well-being. Y. brevis shares Lake Inle with several other unique species and a nice Inle-themed biotope might consist of this species coupled with the stunning Sawbwa resplendens and the Lake Inle "Trout" or "Danio," Inlecypris auropurpureus.