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Syncrossus hymenophysa

Syncrossus hymenophysa
Green Tiger Loach
The Green Tiger Loach is a beautiful but slightly aggressive loach for large-community aquariums. It has an iridescent olive green coloration overall with thin vertical stripes coverings its entire length. The head ends with a pointed mouth and short, whisker-like barbels. The Green Tiger Botia is a normally reclusive species that often hides during the day and comes out at night to search for food. They should not be kept with very small fish as they may nip at or feed on these fish as they get larger. Keep in tanks with soft substrate and plants, and with moderate water flow. Loaches are bottom feeders and should have sinking foods. Meaty frozen foods like worms, brine, daphnia or similar foods are ideal and sinking catfish pellets can also be supplemented. Like many other loaches, these fish are scaleless, and so are more sensitive to medications and other chemicals in the water. They are also sensitive to cooler water temperatures.