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Lepidocephalichthys guntea

Lepidocephalichthys guntea
Black Panther Loach
This is a medium sized loach with a rather grayish yellow body color that is paler on the belly. A light horizontal stripe runs from its nose back to the base of its tail with a series of dark blotches above and below the length of the stripe. This gives it a rather 'peppered' look. There are also numerous small dark spots on the dorsal and tail fin. It also has a two-pronged spine under the eye and four pairs of barbels.

Being quite shy, the Peppered Loach likes to burrow into the substrate to hide. It will use the first spine on its dorsal fin to help dig itself in. It also likes to root out various worms and other foods it can find buried. Provide a soft substrate of sand or fine gravel, and have a good filter for the detritus they stir up. They are most active at night and will retreat during the day, squeezing under the ornamentation. Wood and flat river type rocks work well. Plants are nice but be sure they are potted.

The Peppered Loach is peaceful with most tank mates, and is suitable to keep in a community environment with other peaceful fish.