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Gastromyzon punctulatus

Gastromyzon punctulatus
Spotted Hill Stream Loach
The fine-spotted Hillstream Loach is often sold under the alias of Butterfly Pleco, Hong Kong Pleco, Stingray Pleco or Borneo Sucker. Not a catfish, but a loach, these small fish are found in the chilled, fast-flowing, highly oxygenated mountain streams on the island of Borneo with closely related species found in Chinese mountain streams. This little fish only grows to a demure 6cm and prefers water that is very well filtered and that has a high level of dissolved oxygen. 
Their flat, stream-lined shape is perfect for clinging on to rocks in a fast-flowing stream and because of this tendency they will most likely be found relishing the flow of your aquarium water pump.

In nature, hillstream loaches graze on soft algae or dead animals and fruit that may have found itsself into its stream. The hobbyist would do well to ensure that these fish recieve a diet high in vegetable matter. 

These unique little fish are very easy to care for as long as the water is fast flowing and the oxygen levels are high. Otherwise it is a very undemanding fish that can be kept with other small fish in a small community aquarium.

This fish can be kept with White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Tanichthys albunobes) in well planted room-temperature aquariums as both these fish originate from temperate waters.