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Beaufortia kweichowensis

Beaufortia kweichowensis
Butterfly Hill Stream Loach
Beaufortia kweichowensis is a species of hillstream loach belonging to the genus Beaufortia, of the family Balitoridae, and is native to the riverine fauna of China in Asia. The species was named Beaufortia kweichowensis by Fang in 1931. The common names for this popular aquarium species are Chinese hillstream loach, Hong Kong pleco, butterfly hillstream loach, and Chinese sucker fish.
An aquarium that duplicates the natural habitat of the Chinese hillstream loach is ideal since these fish require high oxygen levels. They need excellent water-flow, adequate aeration and numerous hiding places inside the tank. Adequate lighting is necessary to promote algal growth in the aquarium. Other live plants, however, are not necessary although they may assist in maintaining water quality. Suitable plants for high-flow tank environments are Anubias species and Microsorum pteropus, which can be grown on rocks or driftwood.