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Notopterus notopterus

Notopterus notopterus
Bronze Featherback
Notopterus notopterus is an important food fish in many of its native countries. Soup made from it is said to have health-giving properties and bizarrely is often given to people suffering from measles. It's not often seen for sale in the hobby, although most decent shops should be able to get hold of some on request. An albino variety is also occasionally available. It looks superficially similar to the closely related African knifefish, Xenomystus nigri , but can be distinguished by its larger adult size and the presence of a dorsal fin, which is absent in X. nigri . 

Like other members of the family Notopteridae, this species differs from Gymnotiform knifefish in that its anal and caudal fins are fused together into one long, undulating fin running along the underside of the fish. It should also be noted that this is a scaleless species and is very sensitive to medications added to the aquarium. Halve the dose of any treatment required in its tank and avoid the use of salt altogether.