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Simpsonichthys constanciae

Simpsonichthys constanciae
Feather Fin Pearl Fish
Simpsonichthys constanciae. Its common name is Feather-fin pearl fish, since it has elongated fins with long rays, and is decorated with pearl-like markings. The body is light brown with big brown dots and a sprinkle of whitish pearl-like spots. The first specimens known to science were stumbled upon in a farm pond in South-Eastern Brazil and it took many years before anyone managed to find them anywhere else. 

Cynolebias constanciae grow up to 5 cm long in the wild and can be kept with other small, peaceful fish in a community aquarium. Unlike many other Cynolebias species, they males are not violent to each other. When well cared for, Cynolebias constanciae can live for nearly two years.