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Aplocheilus panchax

Aplocheilus panchax
Blue Panchax
An elongated fish with a pointed snout and an up-turned mouth. The color depends on the age, sex, and race of the fish. Generally the Blue Panchax has a dark brown-copper back with a gray-yellow body color. The body is marked with eight lateral lines of red spots. The rear flanks-from the mid-section and back-have a brilliant blue iridescence, while the frontal parts have a green iridescence. The dorsal fin is located far back on the body and has a large, black spot at its base, and a black edge. The middle parts may be pale blue or bright red (depending on the variant). The caudal fin is pale yellow with pale blue outer lobes, and a fine black edging. The anal fin has red spots, with a base color of green-yellow. The outer edge is bright red.