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Aplocheilus lineatus

Aplocheilus lineatus
Striped Panchax
An elongate fish with a slightly upturned snout. The back is olive brown to bronze-brown, and the flanks are bronze to dark forest green in colour. Alternating scales are yellow-gold in colour giving the fish an attractive appearance. These yellow scales continues ant the anal, caudal, and dorsal fins, which are bronze in colour. The jaw and frontal belly regions are yellowish white and the iris of the eye may be green. Nine dark, transverse stripes mark the body of juveniles and mature females. At least two variants are common to the hobby: one with a fully red tail, and the other with the majority of the caudal fin is red, and the outer lobes are white. The anal and dorsal fins are yellow. The popular golden form of this fish is the one commonly sold as "golden wonder panchax". This is not a naturally-occuring morph having been selectively bred for the hobby. There is also a red strain and a couple of type locality forms available. Some of these are sold as striped panchax or sparkling panchax. 

Unlike many other killifish species, it's usually found in bodies of permanent water and is not an annual species. It's used in its native countries as a form of biological mosquito control.