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Macrognathus circumcinctus

Macrognathus circumcinctus
Banded Spiny Eel
Occurs in streams to peats. Found in medium to large-sized rivers and flooded fields. Nocturnal, feeding on invertebrates and small fishes
Differs from all other mastacembelids found in Myanmar and Thailand in having body with a series of very regular, oblique, dark bars, each with a narrow extension extending partially or entirely across abdomen, and having ripe females with a very elongate genital papillae 
The Zig Zag eel is one of the most popular freshwater eel like fish in the hobby. Zig Zag eels tend to hide in the substrate and poke their faces out waiting to smell food. Oftentimes, a new eel will completely disappear in the gravel for a while. There is some debate on the maximum size of this species. True Zig Zag eels (with patterns matching the picture on this page) only reach 8" in the wild. It isn't uncommon for stores to misidentify eels and it's possible that larger species such as the Tire Track Eel can be mislabeled as a Zig Zag eel. It is important to compare the patterns on the fish when identifying it.