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Sundadanio axelrodi

Sundadanio axelrodi
Neon Danio
Sundadanio axelrodi is a danionin in the family Cyprinidae, the only species in the genus Sundadanio. Originally described as a rasbora, Rasbora axelrodi, this tiny species was later deemed to be more closely related to the danios but not enough to be moved into the genus Danio. It has a number of colour morphs. This species was originally named as Rasbora axelrodi but further research has shown it to be more closely related (though different) to a Danio. A new genus was created for this species. It is often sold in a variety of colour morphs. In reality, there is little difference between them. In a well planted aquarium, slight differences in colour can be detected but they are only slight. Best kept with other small species such as Bororas maculatus or Barboides gracilis. Will eat flake food and sifted Daphnia.