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Danio erythromicron

Danio erythromicron
Cross Banded Danio
Danio erythromicron is a species of cyprinid fish which is endemic to Inle Lake in Myanmar. in 1999, it was suggested that the species be transferred to the genus Danio based on morphological data, but it was cautioned that more research would be necessary. A phylogenetic analysis of Danio found it indeed close to that genus, but its precise placement was still indeterminable. Shortly thereafter, a new species, Danio margaritatus, was described under the name Celestichthys margaritatus. However, this new species was quickly moved into Danio following further analysis. Subsequent analysis of DNA sequence data showed that Microrasbora erythromicron was related to Danio, and recommended moving this species to that genus. Later molecular analysis confirmed its placement within the genus, with its closest relatives being Danio margaritatus and Danio choprae.
This is a very pretty species that will do well in a small species aquaria. It is tolerant of water conditions but will show its best colours in soft water. It is not a difficult species to spawn and raise.