Vieja synspila

Vieja synspila
Red Head Cichlid
Vieja synspila (formerly Cichlasoma synspilum) also known as the quetzel cichlid, redhead cichlid or firehead cichlid is a large (30 cm, 12 in) Central American cichlid fish species. It is one of the most colourful cichlid species with males displaying metallic green, blue, green, pink and orange along their flanks. Vieja synspila has been used in creating new hybridized aquarium cichlids that became popular in Asia in recent years. Vieja synspila is probably one of the parents of modern blood parrot cichlids and flowerhorn cichlids.
People believe that this fish has scales all the colours of the rainbow.

此鱼力量很大,会把水族箱内的布景连根拔起。 且会吃水草,不可养在草缸中。喜好弱酸至中性水质,较喜欢干净的软水。性情凶悍,色彩变化大,有些鱼色彩艳丽,但养得不好则毫无特色可言。强健好养,饲饵料不拘。繁殖亦不,难但雌雄鱼的分辨并不容易,且老成雄鱼前额突出,发情时异常凶猛,配对时必须特别小心,否则其伴侣常被攻击致死。由于它是繁殖血鹦鹂的亲鱼之一,因此目前市面虽不多见,但在鱼场中却是炙手可热的鱼种。