Taeniacara candidi

Taeniacara candidi
Black Stripe Dwarf Cichlid
Taeniacara candidi is a particularly attractive dwarf cichlid from the central and lower Rio Negro, central Amazon, and upper Rio Branco. They are somewhat slimmer than most of the Apistogramma species. Adult males can reach about two and three-quarter inches, the females under two. The males have a large spade-shaped tail with an extended tip in the center, elongated ventrals, and a jet-black stripe that runs from in front of the eye to the tail. The caudal, anal, and ventral fins can have shades of blue, yellow, red and brown. There is no way to do justice to this fish in print; it will have to suffice to say the fish is beautiful. The female, though lacking the fin extensions and much of the color, is still an attractive fish herself. 

Taeniacara Candidi are the source of much discussion amongst dwarf cichlid keepers. They are a highly attractive species, but require very specific water parameters and as such are seen as a challenge amongst even experienced south american cichlid keepers. 

Candidi are renowned for not liking water changes - they will commonly get "moody" after a water change, and will sulk at the bottom of the tank for over a day in some cases. Try to keep new water at the same temperature as the Candidi tank (this can be achieved by using an aquarium heater with a thermostat in a bucket of water for a few hours before siphoning into the tank). 

The genus Taeniacara is still under consideration - this fish was once known as Apistogramma weisei and it may be that in the near future, it will be part of the Apistogramma genus again. This fish exhibits similar behaviour to species of the Apistogramma genus, with the mother of a spawn guarding the fry very aggressively. Taeniacara Candidi possess a slimmer body than most of the Apistogramma genus, but are equally attractive.