Satanoperca jurupari

Satanoperca jurupari
Jurupari Eartheater
Satanoperca jurupari, or commonly referred to as Earth Eater is a small cichlid fish of the genus Satanoperca, endemic to the Amazon Basin in South America. The species does not, despite its common name, eat earth. It whirwles up sand and earth from the riverbed, and seeks out tiny pieces of food amongst it.
体色成高贵的亮绿色,腹鳍长度会延伸至臀鳍尾端,且雄鱼成长后各鳍都会有明显的延伸。鱼身中央有一明显的黑点,与蓝宝石〈Geophagus jurupari〉是近亲,属半口孵性鱼,繁殖困难,繁殖前会将底沙清除,并将卵产于底床上,卵孵化不久成鱼即会攻击自己的小鱼