Nannacara anomala

Nannacara anomala
Golden Dwarf Cichlid
The goldeneye cichlid (Nannacara anomala) is a species of tropical freshwater fish. It is found in fresh water from the Aruka River in Guyana, to the Maroni River in Surinam. It is often found on flooded savannas near the coast.
The male grows to a length of about 7cm while the female is about 4-5cm, and is thus regarded as a dwarf cichlid.
The male, under acidic conditions, adopts a greenish tinge along the length of its body, while the female puts on a black coat with a faint line running from her face to the middle of her tail, and in breeding condition, fades into a bright yellow in the stomach.
As youngsters, there is hardly any difference as a juvenile male does have the colouration of a female. The only difference would be the presence of an extension at the back of the male's dorsal fin.
The goldeneye cichlid lives on a diet of crustaceans, insects, and other small animals.