Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis
Nacaragua Cichlid
As the Nicaragua Cichlid (also commonly know as the Spilotum) matures and gets some color, it is really a spectacular fish. But being rather drab when young, this species has not gained the popularity of other Central American cichlids, consequently they are often hard to find. This fish has several color variations, depending upon the geographic location it originates from. The most striking Nicaragua Cichlid has a brilliant gold coloring on the body, bright blue and emerald coloring on the head, some purple under and around the pectoral fins, and blue along the edges of the dorsal and anal fins. 
Like all cichlids, the Nicaragua Cichlid is territorial; but this species is relatively gentle. It is peaceful and reserved compared to other cichlids from this region and of this size. It can be kept with other smaller cichlids, but not with the more aggressive cichlids such as the Texas Cichlid or the Red Devil.
They are cave spawners and dig extensively so aquarium decorations should be firmly grounded. They like a sandy bottom and plenty of caves or other hiding places among rocks, pieces of slate, and wood. They will occasionally eat soft leaved plants during spawning.The body of the Nicaragua Cichlid is stocky and compact with an extremely curved head that positions the mouth on the bottom. The body is gold to copper colored with an iridescent greenish blue head. There is a dark line running through the middle of the body with a large black blotch in the center. There are numerous dark spots on the fins and the dorsal fin has a red edge. The scales on the male will have dark edges giving it an overall reticulated appearance.
This fish has several color variations depending upon the geographic location it originates from, but the female is the more brighter colored. Wild caught specimens are also more strikingly colored than those that are captive bred.

鉴别的特徵是穿过身体的中央的黑色线条,而且大的黑色斑块放置了身体中央; 头部轮廓在头部的下面部份上非常弯曲的有嘴巴; 在雄性中,鳞片有产生一个网状的图案的深色的边缘, 他们的鳍有许多深色的斑点 , 与背鳍的一个红色的边缘; 两者都雄性有彩虹色又蓝绿色的头部与和金色到古铜色彩的身体。