Herichthys carpintis

Herichthys carpintis
Texas Pearl Scale Cichlid
Herichthys carpintis is very similar to the Hericthys cyanoguttatus, the True Texas Cichlid. This cool fish exhibits great parental care and like all fish in the Herichthys genus change from their typical color to an amazing black and white breeding dress.

The Green Texas is usually able to be differentiated from the True Texas Cichlid by spot pattern. True Texas Cichlids generally have a fine spotted pattern where as the Green Texas has larger blotches on its side. These fish are hybridized in the hobby, so it is important to get a pure line of fish from a reputable dealer.

It's important to note that this species is fairly variable throughout its range and that different location variants of this species look quite different. It is therefore important to keep location variants pure and not mix fish from more than one location.