Cleithracara maronii

Cleithracara maronii
Keyhole Cichlid
The keyhole cichlid, Cleithracara maronii, is a cichlid fish endemic to tropical South America, occurring in the Orinoco River basin from Guyana to French Guiana. The single species is the only species in the genus Cleithracara. The species is popular with fishkeeping hobbyists and is frequently kept in aquariums.The species is a small tan coloured ovate-bodied fish. It has a black spot on its upper flank which sometimes extends into a short stripe. This gives rise to the common name, keyhole cichlid, from which the genus name Cleithracara (meaning "lock acara") is derived. When the species is startled or nervous it assumes a blotchy colouration and presses its body against rocks or logs in an attempt to camouflage itself. It is generally shy, peaceful and should not be kept with aggressive species.It is a monogamous, biparentally custodial breeder which spawns on flattened rocks, logs or leaves. Clutch size ranges from 300-400 eggs that are tended by both the male and female.The sexes are difficult to distinguish, though some males have a longer and more pointed dorsal fin.There has been a sighting of a keyhole cichlid laying 1000 eggs.