Andinoacara rivulatus

Andinoacara rivulatus
Green Terror
The green terror (Andinoacara rivulatus) is a colorful freshwater fish in the cichlid family. The fish originate on the Pacific side of South America in the coastal waters from the Tumbes River in Peru to the Esmeraldas River in Ecuador. Males reach lengths of 33 centimetres and females can, too. Females are sexually mature at around 12 centimetres 
As the name implies this species can be very aggressive, especially adult specimens. This is not guaranteed, however, and peaceful individuals are often observed. Juvenile green terrors are often sold in pet shops for the aquarium hobby
The fish is somewhat deep-bodied with a prominent head. Adult males develop a pronounced forehead hump, a common cichlid trait. Juveniles are tan colored with silver-blue flecks and lack the bright iridescent blue, green, and orange coloration and long, flowing fins of adult specimens.
Green terrors natively live in a tropical climate and prefer water with a 6.5–7.5pH, a water hardness of 20.0 dGH, and a temperature range of 20–24 °C 
The green terror is a popular fish in the aquarium trade and is known to be a hardy fish that is relatively easy to keep. They are good eaters, and do well on a variety of foods including cichlid pellets, flakes, bloodworms, and shrimp. Some owners report that a varied diet improves the coloration of the fish. Some owners report fish with calm temperaments that get along well with other species. Others find the fish to fully live up to its name, “terror”. Generally, juveniles are more docile, while adults tend to get more aggressive as they mature. Most get very territorial around breeding time, and should be kept separately during this period if problems arise. There is some indication that keeping the Green terror well fed helps prevent fighting. 

红尾皇冠鱼,学名Andinoacara rivulatus,英文名Green Terror。南美河川大型慈鲷,在产地被视为食用鱼,背鳍及尾外缘接待有桔黄色边缘,体色成金属绿与蓝色,成年雄鱼额头突起,攻击性强,背鳍、臀鳍末端尖长,雌鱼腹部膨大,繁殖缸要求80cm以上,中性或酸性水中红尾皇冠是近来受观赏鱼爱好者宠爱的一种观赏鱼。红尾皇冠属慈鲷科,原产南美洲,属当地的食用鱼。它全身披着金属蓝,背鳍、臀鳍和尾鳍镶着鲜明的红边,与全身的金属蓝形成强烈的对比。雄鱼的头部顶着一个暗红色的肉瘤,像戴着皇冠的霸者,给人一种长寿、富贵的感觉。红尾皇冠对水质要求不高,中性和弱酸性的水都能接受。故此较容易饲养。许多观赏鱼爱好者都养有此鱼,但很少有人能繁殖它。